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Easy and fun ways
to create feel-good habits

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Routines created





Daily quests to
challenge yourself

Achieve today's requests to make each day more meaningful and enjoyable, and get rewarded


Decorate your space

Personalize your space
by completing everyday quests

Complete your daily quests and use rewards
to purchase cute items to decorate your own special space


Lightly set and
joyfully maintain
your routines

Easily set up your own routines for daily or specific
days to achieve better self-management.



Reflect on your day
by writing a diary

Record your daily emotions through diary entries.
If you've had a tough day, receive comfort and encouragement through warm messages from Roubit AI

Use Roubit in various languages!

Roubit supports languages in Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese!

Over 1 million people are already
making their lives better with Roubit

I find it fun to decorate
the rabbit's room, so I
often check it out!

Decorating the rabbit's room is fun!
I used to often forget my routine plans, even though I set them up. But decorating the room is fun, so I find myself check in from time to time! This is the first time I've found such a great app! Thanks to this app, I'm living quite diligently. Thank you!



It's a big help for
mental health and

I love this app! I have ADHD, so I struggle a lot with maintaining routines and managing time. This app has a cute little house to decorate, and a big advantage of completing routines and acquiring items. This greatly helps with mental health and motivation!


Shin Potato

The words from the app
make me feel very happy
and bring me a lot of help

Highly recommend it. It's a big help
in both good and bad times!
Especially recommended for girls,
teenagers, and anyone going through a really tough time. I think it
would be a great help to those
friends. The words from the app
make me feel very happy and bring
me a lot of help. I really love it


Michelle Hernández

It was so good it made me cry!

installed roubit and one of its features is when u make an entry in the diary, an AI will give advices through a letter. and I've tried it, and it was so good it made me cry lol im doubting if this is really an AI. ;(



It's an app that helps me
move even a little after
struggling with
depression for years!

Checking off each routine gives me

a sense of accomplishment, so I
strive to stick to it consistently. It's
an app that helps me move even a
little after struggling with depression for years! When I write a
diary on a bad day, it sends me
comforting and encouraging replies,
which really touched me. It's an app that provides me with great comfort
and help.



I hate routines.
Roubit makes me

I hate routines. Roubit makes me LOVE THEM. DOWNLOAD IT IM TELLING YOU ITS GREAT . Dev team please add the ability to msg your friends and give them gifts for completing their routines, let us leave our friends sticky notes for encouragement and please add more themes and challenges! Love love love you bye



I tried using it to write
a diary, and the support
letters are really helpful!

I tried writing a diary once, and the support letters are really helpful. The design is simple and beautiful, so it feels calming!! I've been writing it every day, and it's the first time I've been so consistent with a diary. The to-do list is also neatly organized, making it convenient, and I think the app is really well made.



It's a useful app
helps me achieve
my daily goals!

Try using this eye-catching new app that gives you a feeling of receiving feedback when Roubit talks to you!
It's a very useful app that helps me achieve my daily goals!



Just using this app is

This is undoubtedly my #1 routine app. Especially after writing a diary, reading the words of encouragement really gives me strength! The furniture, wallpaper, and floor for decorating the room are all so cute haha. The Roubit character is adorable, even the way it talks... Just using this app is healing! Please continue like this!